About Meghbari Resort Purbachal Gazipur

Meghbari resort is one of the most popular luxury destination near Dhaka. It has a beautiful specious area that consists of café, lodge and swimming pool. Once you reach the place and the door opens you will see a beautiful place that’s for sure. I have been to so many resorts and this one is till the best resort I have ever been in Bangladesh.
If it’s a sunny day then you should definitely visit this place with your friends and family.

How to reach meghbari resort

The best way to reach meghbari resort is by car. It would take you less than 20 minutes from Uttara. You can go through Abdullahpur, or you can also go through Uttara azampur, or Uttara 8 no sector to reach meghbari. It is situated right behind Uttara after rupganj bridge. So there is lot of ways to reach their.

If you do not have a car, then you can also rent an auto rickshaw to reach meghbari resort. It would take you around 30-40 minutes to reach this resort via auto rickshaw. You can also rent a tempo to reach megh bari resort Gazipur. But that way you will have to take several breaks which might be really tiresome.


The cost of meghbari is a bit high compared to other resorts. The entry fee is 100tk and the swimming pool cost is 300tk per person. Cost might vary depending on the time. For that price you will be able to swime on the swimming pool for an hour. But it is really good as the environment, shower and locker system that are beside the swimming pool is really good.
It is specious and the corners are really well designed to help you get out of the swimming pool fast.

Why people love this place

People love this place as it is near Dhaka. It is well designed and definitely a well-planned resort. If you are interested to spend a family weekend then this is a great place as well, as this place also has accommodation and café that provides you food. But it is better to call them in advance to ensure reservation as it is one of the most popular resorts in Bangladesh. For more information on meghbari resort you can call them or message them via their facebook page.

My experience

My experience at the meghbari resort was really good. I had an wonderful time swimming in the pool. The day was really beautiful and we have spent and wonderful time shooting underwater videos and playing volleyball in the water. If you are bored of work and need a break from the tiring city life, then meghbari would be a really great option for you.

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